Data for: The effect of transition to renewable energy on stakeholders of energy companies: analyses of energy companies' financial and non-financial performance indices



The data described below is for the study investigating whether the energy transition significantly affects energy companies' financial, environmental and social performance indicators.

The study used secondary data comprising annual corporate data of 153 energy firms. The quantitative data consists of the production of both fossil fuel and renewable energy of energy companies that are available on their financial reports and are compiled in Thomson Reuters's DataStream database. The population of the research work comprises global energy firms, and the sampling frame comprises companies with renewable energy production in the proportion of their operation. The sample comprises the sub-sector classified under the energy industry (SIC codes 4932) and utility (SIC codes 4931). The study obtained an initial sample of 1989 firm-year observations from 2006 to 2018, comprising electricity utilities and oil and gas producers. Firms not having values on renewable energy produced as downloaded from Thomson Reuters's DataStream database were eliminated. Depending on the models, the study further filtered the data set against missing values in some control variables, reducing the firm-year observations in those models. Data collected was processed using Excel and Stata statisitical analysis software
Date made available12 Jun 2022
PublisherAbertay University


  • Energy
  • Transition
  • Financial Performance
  • Renewable energy

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