Multiplayer game research questionnaires



The three questionnaires are Participants Data 1, 2 and 3 (include both pdf and excel files - 6 files in total). This study investigated the process of developing an online multiplayer game within the context of a novice development team, with the help of a generic multiplayer framework. The research aimed to identify the key challenges and issues faced by novice developers when creating an online multiplayer game, and to explore the ways in which a generic multiplayer framework can support the development process and team involved in the development of the multiplayer game.

The first questionnaire given to the team before the commencement of development of the game was meant for the collection of initial insight of the knowledge of the team about development of multiplayer games along with general game development and the second questionnaire given to the development team after the completion of the project was meant for the collection of upgraded knowledge and skills of the team about the development of multiplayer games and video games in general as well.

Post-production of the turn-based multiplayer game, Land of Morphie and receiving final responses from the members of the team, it was deployed and shared with the testers who played it thoroughly against each other to further provide responses of the questionnaire designed to further understand the adequateness of the multiplayer framework. The testers questionnaire was meant for better understanding the player experience in terms of the basic multiplayer features of the framework utilised for the development of the game.
Date made available24 May 2023
PublisherAbertay University
Date of data production31 Jan 2022 - 15 May 2022


  • Multiplayer game development
  • Multiplayer framework
  • Novice development team

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