Predicting subjective liking of bitter and sweet liquid solutions using facial electromyography: mixed model dataset

  • Peter Robert Cannon (Creator)
  • Bei Li (Creator)
  • John Grigor (Creator)



    Hedonic responses to foods are often measured using subjective liking ratings scales. This project investigated the potential use of electromyography as a means to predict subjective liking ratings using affective facial muscle activity recorded at different phases of oral processing while tasting liquids. Using linear mixed models, muscle activity recorded while emptying into the mouth, swirling, and thinking about the taste of bitter and sweet liquid solutions was used to predict subjective liking ratings. During different phases of the tasting, these mixed models demonstrate that zygomaticus major activity predicted increased liking and that corrugator supercilii and levator labii superioris predicted decreased liking. The change in liking ratings predicted by each muscle varied depending on whether participants were emptying, swirling, or thinking about the taste.
    Date made available4 Jul 2017

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