This dataset was collected as part of an MbR project- Playing with agency: how player agency affects game retention.

The aim of the project was to establish a link between the amount of agency available to players in a game and its effect on their retention in the game (how long they continue to play).

The data were collected via the smartphone Hypercasual game Shooty Blocks. Data were collected across a control and experimental version of the game. The experimental version had a change to the amount of player agency available to players, and the data collected - including engagement and retention data, session length, number of sessions, etc - looked to establish a correlation between this agency and the rate of retention in players. Events were triggered by instrumentation in the game's code by players through normal gameplay, which sent events via telemetry to the GameAnalytics platform, to be viewed on their Analytics Dashboards. The data stored here were downloaded from the platform as .csv per-event, and is collated in the spreadsheet. This represents the extent of the data used in the experiment and discussed in the thesis.

The dataset is currently embargoed due to planned publications.
Date made available1 Nov 2023
PublisherAbertay University
Temporal coverage8 Jun 2022 - 8 Jul 2022
Date of data production8 Jun 2022 - 8 Jul 2022


  • Agency
  • Retention
  • Hypercasual
  • IKEA effect

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