Climate emergency summit III: nature-based solutions report

Mike Robinson (Contributor), Jess Pepper (Contributor), Alan Caldwell (Contributor), Lindsey Gibb (Contributor), Galina Toteva (Contributor), Clive Mitchell (Contributor), Sue Marrs (Contributor), Kenneth Loades (Contributor), Catherine Payne (Contributor), Tim Young (Contributor), Alasdair Firth (Contributor), Chrissie Valluri (Contributor), Cecile Smith (Contributor), Heather Claridge (Contributor), Ruth Taylor (Contributor), Andrew Midgley (Contributor), Rebecca Wade (Contributor), Charles Bestwick (Contributor), Sarah Buckingham (Contributor), Mark Williams (Contributor)Elana Bader (Contributor), Lorna Dawson (Contributor), David Somervell (Contributor), Hugh Muschamp (Contributor), Catriona Jeorrett (Contributor), Larissa Naylor (Contributor), Angus Hardie (Contributor), David Reay (Contributor), Scott Leatham (Contributor), Donald Campbell (Contributor), Len Seal (Contributor), Kitty Dutton (Contributor), Philip Revell (Contributor), Graeme Cook (Contributor), Anna Brand (Contributor), Alexa Morrison (Contributor), Alasdair Reid (Contributor), Keesje Avis (Contributor), Nick Everett (Contributor), Ross Lilley (Contributor), Cathy Tilbrook (Contributor), Holly Gillibrand (Contributor), Andrew McBride (Contributor), Stuart Haszeldine (Contributor), Hester Robertson (Contributor)

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