Cybersecurity: a generic reference curriculum

Partnership for Peace Consortium Emerging Security Challenges Working Group, Joseph Vann (Contributor)

Research output: Other contribution


The Cybersecurity Reference Curriculum (RC) aims to provide in-depth learning objectives and curriculum support for academic courses broadly related to Cybersecurity. This curriculum consists of four themes: i) Cyberspace and the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity, ii) Risk Vectors, iii) International Cybersecurity Organizations, Policies and Standards, and iv) Cybersecurity Management in the National Context. The four themes and associated blocks have been carefully chosen to encompass the broadest spectrum of Cybersecurity issues and topics, and to provide the most pertinent level of education.
Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages72
Publication statusPublished - 27 Sep 2016
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  • Cybersecurity
  • Management and cybersecurity
  • Military Education
  • Defense academies


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