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Games are complex systems that operate at the intersections of science and art, leisure and sport, complex and simple, academic and practice, among others. In an increasingly connected and interdependent world, games continue to transcend borders and reach international audiences everywhere, often instantly. Despite this almost unfettered access to games, the global nature of game development and distribution has also resulted in complex economic ties across and between companies, countries and continents. Large media conglomerates design, develop and produce their AAA games in multiple locations around the world. Each location brings its own significant challenges, opportunities and barriers to entering particular markets, be it from a localization or legal point of view. This Special Issue of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, 'China and the World: Navigating Video Game Localization and Copyright Challenges', brings together experts from different fields providing insights into the Chinese games market from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. This Special Issue is dedicated to analysing and understanding the Chinese games market from interdisciplinary perspectives, particularly the ways in which video game localization rationale and copyright law differ globally. The five contributions to this issue demonstrate the complex internationality and intersectionality of the Chinese games market together with the challenges and opportunities associated with entering the market.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)95-103
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds
Issue number2
Early online date30 Jan 2024
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jan 2024


  • Chinese games market
  • Culturalization
  • Intellectual property
  • Globalization
  • Games studies
  • International games
  • Game law


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