NPS0085 - National Plan for Sport and Recreation

Graeme Sorbie, Alexander Beaumont , David Lavallee

Research output: Other contribution


Meeting the health needs of older adults is exacerbated by improvements in long term-survival, with the World Health Organisation estimating that by 2050, ≥30% of the UK population will be >60 years of age. In order to effectively manage these prolonged lifespans, it is important for the older adult population to remain healthy and to maximise the health-span, which can be achieved through suitable and effective physical activity participation. Physical activity of moderate (or higher) intensity effort has shown to provide physical and wellbeing benefits, as well as contributing towards longevity of life, yet maintenance of sufficient exercise intensity at this level can often be challenging with aging.

Participation in sports and recreational activities can provide opportunities to increase or maintain physical activity levels; however, this often declines with age. Golf continues to be a popular sport for a variety of age groups, including the older adult population. Golf provides individuals with opportunities to increase or maintain light-to-moderate intensity physical activity levels. A recent scoping review reported that golf has overall positive associations with physical health and wellness. Golf also facilitates the opportunity to improve wellbeing, sense of belonging and enjoyment. Raising awareness regarding the potential health benefits that golf can have for an individual is crucial, due to the fact that golf can offer alternative ways to increase or maintain physical activity levels. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on public health services.

This evidence was submitted to the call for evidence from the House of Lords Committee on a  National Plan for Sport and Recreation in December 2020, inviting views on how barrier to participation in sport and recreation can be removed facilitating more active lifestyles.
Original languageEnglish
TypeUK Parliament document - Written evidence
Media of outputtext, PDF
PublisherUK Parliament
Number of pages5
Place of PublicationLondon
Publication statusPublished - 4 Mar 2021


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