Police learning & development 2025: destination map

Richard Harding, Jean Hartley, Loua Khalil, Denise Martin

Research output: Other contribution

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The National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and Police and Association of Crime Commissioners (APCC) have set out their vision for the future of policing in their joint Policing Vision 2025.

The Open University’s (OU) Centre for Policing Research and Learning (CPRL) and The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) are supporting the transformation process through the Initiating Transformation of Police Learning and Development Project (ITPLD). This work engaged all police forces in England and Wales and is intended to support the transformation of training, learning and development (L&D) to support the realisation of Vision 2025.

Understanding what the post ‘transformation’ landscape looks like and how it might link to effective delivery for policing and publics alike are key questions. Understanding in these areas would provide:
• Strategic policing practitioners with a model against which they could benchmark their and other’s activities,
• L&D professionals with a model for integrating and aligning delivery to meet force/ agency priorities, and
• Individual learners with a framework against which to understand their opportunities and responsibilities.

In addition, it would also describe a ‘destination’ from which key activities, events and processes necessary to realising the vision might be identified, mapped, and navigated to. The Destination Map presented here has been developed as an approach to tackling these challenges and seeks to provide strategic leaders, L&D professionals, and policing more widely, with a model which they can use to help guide them successfully into an uncertain future.

The Destination Map was developed collaboratively between academics and police practitioners from a variety of disciplines, not least L&D specialisms. The initial thinking has been refined and shaped through the feedback of numerous reviewers. The research team is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the development of this model, and in particular to the invaluable contribution of Philip Knox (PSNI), Arif Nawaz (GMP), Janet Prescott (Staffs) and Peter Ward (East Midlands) in supporting the initial and subsequent shaping of this work.

This document is intended primarily for use by those within organisational executive teams and within L&D functions (at both leadership and operational levels).
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputText
PublisherThe Open University & MOPAC
Number of pages27
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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