Post-truth and fake news

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    Media portrayal of politics has always been subject to contested claims about accuracy and veracity but this has reached a new intensity. Erroneous claims and counter-claims are becoming a routine part of political gaming. A major tension exists between democracy and expertise. In a democracy all possess an equal claim on knowledge in principle with expert knowledge confined to de-politicised cultures of knowledge. This tension is compounded by the shift from traditional print and broadcast media to social media. When it comes to the political literacy of citizens these are not all of a piece. Outside the most egregious abuses, it is unhelpful to reduce political and ideological dilemmas to the easy and lazy formulae of ‘fake news’, spin and post-truth.
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    JournalMedia Education Journal
    Publication statusPublished - 3 Jun 2017


    • Post-truth
    • Fake news
    • Collective memory
    • Sociology of science


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