Scotland's Natural Health Service: local green health partnerships

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    Scotland’s natural environment and associated green infrastructure is an important and undervalued asset for improving societal wellbeing and public health. Improvements in public health can be achieved by increasing physical activity through green exercise – outdoor recreation, volunteering, play and learning, gardening, and active travel. Wellbeing benefits can be gained through enhanced contact with good quality natural and green/blue spaces even without physical activity. We know that access to good quality greenspace can help to improve the physical, mental and social health of people living in the more deprived areas of Scotland. We also know that more deprived areas are more likely to have lower quality green spaces, and that overall investment in urban greenspaces is in decline. Our Natural Health Service (ONHS) action programme is a national initiative led by Scottish Natural Heritage, in partnership with a range of organisations from health, sport, transport, education, and environment sectors. This programme is investigating how greater use of the outdoors can contribute to improving public health and tackling health inequalities.
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    Title of host publicationScotland field guide for the future
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    Publication statusPublished - 24 Oct 2019


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