Sustainable drainage systems: operation and maintenance

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    This chapter considers the issue of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) operation and maintenance. Reporting is the formal output of SuDS inspection visits. Operation and maintenance is the process of activities carried out to ensure the continued operation and prevent failure. As with all drainage systems, SuDS components should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure efficient operation, visual aesthetic and benefit to the local community. SuDS can be maintained to different levels, which vary dependent upon factors including the owning/maintaining organisation's maintenance policy, location and visibility of the SuDS and local/environmental considerations. Lampe identifies three levels of maintenance for SuDS: low, medium and high. Maintenance schedules for SuDS should be prepared at the design stage and include both soft landscaped areas and engineered structures. Maintenance type and specification for a SuDS scheme will be influenced by other factors, predominantly those that involve design, ownership and land type.

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    Title of host publicationSustainable surface water management
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    • Sustainable surface water management
    • Sustainable urban drainage systems maintenance
    • Sustainable urban drainage systems operation


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