The NATO cybersecurity generic reference curriculum application to the maritime environment

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The NATO Cybersecurity Generic Reference Curriculum makes clear that achieving the highest standards of cybersecurity is a multifaceted task, requiring a layered approach concerning human and technological factors. It requires an understanding of the fundamentals of cybersecurity, its risk vectors, and the management of these risks. As Major General Stefano Vito Salamida states on behalf of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation: “I am convinced that it can serve as a reference for partner countries in the design and development of course models and programmes for professional Cybersecurity military education. It will also serve as an enhancement of military interoperability between NATO and its partners and strengthen the collaboration on a responsive education and training system. It is my pleasure to support the PfPC Emerging Security Challenges Working Group through publishing this Cybersecurity Reference Curriculum as a NATO document.” The NATO Curriculum is a training programme that is fully adaptable to the maritime environment.
Original languageEnglish
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Specialist publicationnmiotc: Maritime Interdiction Operations Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2017
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  • NATO Cybersecurity Generic Reference Curriculum
  • Maritime cybersecurity
  • Military education
  • Management and cybersecurity


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