UK national ecosystem assessment follow-on: work package report 8

Iain Brown, Paula A. Harrison, Jayne Ashley, Pam M. Berry, Mark Everard, Les G. Firbank, Stephen Hull, Lian Lundy, Chris P. Quine, John S. Rowan, Rebecca Wade, Susannah Walmsley, Kevin Watts, Gary Kass, Marion Potschin (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportOther report


This study has analysed the suite of response options available to decision makers in terms of their robustness to present and future change. To achieve this it developed a stress-testing approach to assess the consequences for natural capital and resultant ecosystem services when response options are evaluated against major drivers of change. The UK NEA scenarios were used to contextualise future drivers of socioeconomic change, with additional compound effects due to climate change. After testing the current suite of response options, implications are considered for future policy design. The role of complementary initiatives can be enhanced by reference to conceptual frameworks (4Es; 4 Is) that link to human behaviours and motives for action.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages177
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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Brown, I., Harrison, P. A., Ashley, J., Berry, P. M., Everard, M., Firbank, L. G., Hull, S., Lundy, L., Quine, C. P., Rowan, J. S., Wade, R., Walmsley, S., Watts, K., Kass, G., & Potschin, M. (Ed.) (2014). UK national ecosystem assessment follow-on: work package report 8. UNEP-WCMC.