A study of renewable energy investment practice in United Kingdom and Nigeria

  • Samesa Igirigi

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This research aims at appraising the decision-making approach as applied in renewable energy investment across different markets. An alternative viability assessment framework is adapted from the Bossels viability approach, which facilitates indicator prioritization. The goal of the study was to appraise the decision making process and validate the framework. A case study approach was adopted as it offers the opportunity to gain depth. The adapted framework was tested across four of five cases, one case found the framework too subjective.

The existence of market transition was acknowledged in 2 cases and leapfrogging in 3 cases, but it did not lead to market migration by developers. However, it did have an effect on process, especially for the UK firms experiencing market deterioration with the firms introducing tighter screening and analytical processes. The level of process rationality as observed in the UK and Nigerian cases are significantly influenced by regulatory requirement. The decision-making processes as shared by the cases confirmed that the rational approach still forms a significant part of organisational decision-making. The four cases all associated more decision-making indicators to the Fit theme with the least influential theme been the Flexibility theme. Indicator association was different across the different classes of developers who were at different market stages of development, showing a marked difference in strategic intent. These findings extend the viability discussion to a more macroscopic level placing relevance on the developer’s interest. The indicator associations and prioritization show policy makers where to focus policy initiatives that will incentivise developers across these different market spheres.
Date of Award5 Sept 2019
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Abertay University
SponsorsPetroleum Technology Development Fund
SupervisorDaniel Gilmour (Supervisor), David Blackwood (Supervisor) & Reza Kouhy (Supervisor)

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