A study of the relationship between customer satisfaction and styles of leadership in Kuwaiti banks

  • Hanadi Al-Hamli

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This study attempts to examine the relationship between customer satisfaction and leadership styles in Kuwaiti banks. Two samples of respondents have been used: One represented the customers of Kuwaiti banks, and the other represented the employees of the banks. Data were collected through structured interviews and questionnaires, and were analyzed by using two statistical scales of measurement. One scale was used to measure customer satisfaction, while the other to measure leadership styles and job satisfaction. The results indicated that the customers’ sample expressed' relatively high satisfaction, as the mean score for overall customer satisfaction with Kuwaiti banks was 80.1%. However, customer satisfaction differs from one bank to another, according to customer demographics.

The study links theory to practice by explaining the subject of modem leadership styles, from a western perspective, and shows their relevance to the Kuwaiti banking system and business environment. As such, it opens up a domain for investigating the application of western management theories in a different culture. Although Kuwaiti banks have been operating since 1952, no study to the best of this author’s knowledge, has tackled the issue of customer satisfaction and leadership styles in those banks. Therefore, studying customer satisfaction and leadership styles in Kuwaiti banks is a contribution to the literature on banking industry in general and in Kuwaiti banks in particular, adding to knowledge with a case study from a different cultural setting. The study also opens up a horizon for future research work on developing Kuwaiti banking sector, as it uses standardized tools in terms of reliability and validity within the context of the Kuwaiti environment.
Date of AwardSep 2006
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMohamed Branine (Supervisor)

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