An investigation of online multiplayer game development within the context of novice development team with the help of a generic multiplayer framework

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The multiplayer games have constantly evolved over the years to incorporate numerous elements such as competitiveness, synchronised gameplay, ranking system, leader boards, etc, to propel the multiplayer games and eSports industry. Online multiplayer games are a popular form of entertainment, and their development can be a complex and challenging task.

This study investigates the process of developing an online multiplayer game within the context of a novice development team, with the help of a generic multiplayer framework. The research aims to identify the key challenges and issues faced by novice developers when creating an online multiplayer game, and to explore the ways in which a generic multiplayer framework can support the development process and team involved in the development of the multiplayer game. The context here is the novice development team. With the increasing difficulty in the development of video games for novice developers with new mechanics, features and trends in game development, there is a need to understand the challenges faced by novice developers and their possible solutions during the development of a multiplayer game. Unreal Engine was chosen as the engine to develop the framework and the game in based on the papers and sources comparing the most popular game engines in the market. Rychkova et. al’s (2020) Orbital Battleship and Buckley’s (2021) Choosing a game engine suggested that Unreal Engine is more suitable for multiplayer games development. Cedric Neukirchen’s (2021) Unreal Engine 4 network compendium was utilised for the purpose of understanding the architecture of the multiplayer API and the development of the multiplayer framework. The study employed a mixed-methods approach, including both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. The framework was deployed and utilised by the development team to build a fully functional multiplayer game.

The findings suggest that the use of a generic multiplayer framework can facilitate the development process for novice game developers, by providing a ready-made foundational structure for implementing common multiplayer game features and functions. However, the study also identified several key challenges faced by novice developers, including the technical issues encountered and the need for specialised technical skills and the importance of effective teamwork and communication. Overall, the results of this research highlight the potential value of using a generic multiplayer framework for supporting the development of an online multiplayer game by a novice team.
Date of Award4 May 2023
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Abertay University
SupervisorRobin J. S. Sloan (Supervisor) & Martin Lynagh (Supervisor)


  • Multiplayer games
  • Novice developers
  • Framework

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