Behaviour of beam-to-column end plate connections in structural steelwork

  • Mohammad Bahrami

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    End plate connections are extensively used as moment-resistant connections between members in steel frames. The popularity of these connections can be attributed to the simplicity and economy associated with their fabrication and erection. Both the flush and extended end plate types are widely used in steel construction industry.

    The overall objectives of the research project were to carry-out an in-depth study into the behaviour of unstiffened beam-to-column extended end plate connections by applying finite element technique and to formulate a limit state design method for this type of connection. A finite element model of the connection is presented in the thesis. In addition to the solid and bar elements used to discretize the plates and bolts respectively, non-linear joint elements were employed to model the interactive forces induced between the end plate and column flange. The properties of the joint elements were chosen to ensure displacement compatibility at nodes where end plate and column flange were in contact but allow separation at the other nodes except at bolt locations. A three-dimensional elastic-plastic analysis of the connection was carried out with the aim of predicting the ultimate moment capacity and moment-rotation characteristics of the connection over the entire range of the loading until collapse occurred.

    Twelve full scale tests involving three column-beam sets, and four end plate thicknesses for each of the three column-beam sets were conducted and the results were analysed. Comparison was made between the results obtained by the finite element analysis and the experimental investigation. A parametric study was also carried out for the purpose of the separating the contribution of the end plate, column and bolt towards the stiffness of the connection. A limit state design method for the end plate connection is described.
    Date of AwardDec 1991
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Council for National Academic Awards

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