Modelling natural gas market for sub-Sahara African region
: investment and regulatory approaches

  • Williams Kanya

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The study is modelling a natural gas market for sub-Sahara Africa. The abundance of natural gas amidst energy poverty in sub-Sahara Africa has been a concern. It is this concern that persuades the conduct of this research. Literature review indicates that this case of natural gas abundant resources in sub-Sahara Africa is a case of optimization problem. Although literature documents several researches on the energy condition of Africa, but gas is not sufficiently covered and there is no such document as to a natural gas market model on sub-Sahara Africa gas market in literature. Applying Supply-side Economic Solution through pragmaticism philosophical underpinning derived in the conduct of the research, a market model was attempted. This was by using comparative analysis of four major global natural gas markets to derive lessons for modelling the quantitative part and focus group interviews with key stakeholders of the industry for the qualitative part. The research takes the fundamental market issues in a micro-economic scope comprising investment theories; firm theories; gas price fundamentals; regulatory economics and supply-side economics solution. The concept of economic rent also is included in the literature review.

What emerges from the research is the proposed sub-Sahara Africa Natural Gas Market reflecting all the five issues of market and concept of economic rent considered in literature review from which questions and hypotheses were raised and the research conducted. This is the result of the research on sub-Sahara Natural Gas Market from Regulatory and Investment Approaches.
Date of Award17 Apr 2019
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Abertay University
SupervisorReza Kouhy (Supervisor) & Aminu Hassan (Supervisor)


  • Modelling
  • Natural gas market
  • sub-Sahara Africa

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