Time and cost overruns on high-rise building construction in Bangladesh

  • M.d Salam

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


    Construction projects in developing countries may suffer from time overruns, which are associated with cost overruns. This research project investigated both time and cost overruns on high-rise building projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Surprisingly, preliminary data analysis showed negligible cost overruns in comparison to time overruns. So, further analysis o f cost overruns was not considered in this thesis. This research project also investigated how the causes o f time-overruns can be mitigated.

    72 time-overrun and 22 cost-overrun variables were identified through a literature review. These variables were taken as parameters and a personal interview survey was conducted with developers, consultants, contractors and project managers using semistructured questionnaire. A similar second survey was conducted using 22 measures, which can mitigate time- overruns. Data analysis involved the relative importance index to rank the variables, factors analysis to reduce variables to factors with minimum loss of data, stepwise regression to find links among factors in successive stages of construction process and multiple regression to explain delays in terms of factors.

    The main causes o f time-overruns were ‘cash flow’, ‘planning and scheduling deficiency’ and ‘design changes’. A scree graph identified 31 important variables that caused delays but factor analysis reduced these to 14 factors. Stepwise regression found no strong links among the factors to identify them as reasons for delay in successive stages of the construction project. A multiple regression model explained about 85% of the variance of the delays using eight factors.

    The main individual measures mitigating time-overruns were ‘improvement of cash flow’, ‘improvement o f communication and coordination among project participants’ and ‘development o f robust planning and scheduling instruments’. Factor analysis produced ten representative factors. Stepwise regression could not find strong links among factors mitigating time-overruns in successive stages of the construction project.
    Date of AwardOct 2007
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorDavid J. Blackwood (Supervisor) & Harry J. Staines (Supervisor)


    • Bangladesh
    • High-rise
    • Time
    • Cost
    • Overruns
    • Rank
    • Factor
    • Mitigating
    • Regression
    • Model
    • Stepwise
    • Variable

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